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Our Background.


Security solutions in the Kenyan market have for a long time not been considered as critical necessities but rather nice to have systems, just in case. High cost of security solutions and slow technological advancements in this sector have not favored particularly the SME and domestic markets. Today, due to rising insecurity and diversified threats in all our environments, security has become everyone’s priority. Moreover, the industry has embraced modern technologies in products making them affordable to a larger market.

Quantumsec Technologies Ltd was registered in January 2014. It is a Kenyan owned company based in Nairobi and provides services countrywide.

The company has embraced this wave of new products on new technologies to offer cost-effective solutions to its varied customer base. The primary objective of the company is to provide cutting-edge technology-based security solutions and services to the Kenyan market. The solutions cover both physical and information security domains. The company also provides complementary ICT solutions and services where it adds value to the core objective.

Through sound partnerships the company seeks to entrench reliability as the core characteristic of our solutions portfolio backed by manufacturers’ extensive technical support resources.



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